Current research interests:

As an interdisciplinary researcher my interests lie in several subjects. I split my interest into Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology but in reality I am interested in the combination of all three areas.

Mathematical Interests:

High-dimensional inference, Bayesian Modelling, Non-parametric methods, Gaussian processes, and Dirichlet processes.

Computational Interests:

(Probabilistic) Machine Learning in particular semi-supervised approaches, MCMC.

Biological Interests:

Structural Biology: Structural biology using mass-spectrometry

Proteomics: The localisations and interactions of proteins. Quantiative methods

Genomics: Large Scale data analysis of genetic data.

Epidemiology: modelling of Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Previous research interests:

Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory applications to Stochastic Analysis. More precisely: Statistical limit laws for dynamical systems such as the Central Limit Theorem, Weak Invariance Principle and Iterated Weak Invariance Principle with application to SDEs.

MMath project (With Ian Melbourne): Calculating the Lévy Area of Deterministic Dynamics.

Epidemiological Modelling of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) (with Deirdre Hollingsworth). 


Using mass-spectrometry to interrogate the spatial proteome (GSK, August 2020)

If organelles could take a cell-fi e (departmental talk, August 2020)

Inferring differential localisation in spatial proteomics (MGM retreat, May 2020)

Inferring differential localisation in spatial proteomics (European Bioconductor Conference, 2019)

Uncertainty quanti cation for dynamic spatial proteomic experiments, Statistical-omics seminar MRC Biostatistics Unit, 2019

Semi-supervised non-parametric Bayesian modelling of spatial proteomics, MASAMB May 2019

Bayesian modelling of spatial proteomics, De Duve Insitute UCLouvain, (invited seminar) March 2019

A linear transportation Lp distance for pattern recognistion, Cambridge Image Analysis (invited seminar), December 2018

Graph-based modelling of image data, with applications to histopathology, Turing Institute,

Semi-supervised mixtures of Gaussian process regression models; RSS conference Sheffield. July 2018

Quantifying Uncertainty in Spatial Proteomics; Mathematical Genomics and Medicine retreat. May 2018, May 2019

A Bayesian Framework for Spatial Proteomics: Flashlight talk; European Bioconductor conference.

R for Reproducibility: 10th November; Biometrica workshop; Recent trends in biostatistics (University of Cambridge)

Using machine learning to map the sub-cellular proteome; SIAM-IMA student conference (University of Cambridge) – May 2017

Stochastic Modelling of NTDs; WIMP (Warwick-Imperial Autumn Meeting) – Autumn 2015

Stochastic Modelling of NTDs; WMS (Warwick Mathematics Society) – Autumn 2015

Stochastic Modelling of NTDs; URSS (Undgraduate Research Support Scheme) – Autumn 2015

Prizes, Grants and Funding.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme Bursary (Warwick University).

I was generously funded, for my PhD, by the School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge.