Current research interests:

As an interdisciplinary researcher my interests lie in several subjects. I split my interest into Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology but in reality I am interested in the combination of all three areas. I have core interests in antibodies, small molecules and vaccines, as well as high-throughput omic data and structural biology. Methodological I am develop machine learning, non-parametric and Bayesian tools.

Previous research interests:

Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory applications to Stochastic Analysis. More precisely: Statistical limit laws for dynamical systems such as the Central Limit Theorem, Weak Invariance Principle and Iterated Weak Invariance Principle with application to SDEs.

MMath project (With Ian Melbourne): Calculating the Lévy Area of Deterministic Dynamics.

Epidemiological Modelling of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) (with Deirdre Hollingsworth). 

Prizes, Grants and Funding.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme Bursary (Warwick University).

I was generously funded, for my PhD, by the School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge.

Peter Lanshoff Prize